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Need to impress your attendees? We can custom design an event that your audience will look forward to year after year!


We throw parties like you’ve never seen! Fully themed, high impact events that will blow you away!


No matter what kind of event you’re planning, we will deliver an experience that you and your guests will never forget!


Whether you need add light and sound to a small room or throw a festival, we have you covered. We can provide the highest quality equipment and best technicians to ensure your event looks and sounds how it should!


“Moshi’s parties are consistentaly packed, drawing large crowds who leave with raving remarks on how well executed his events are. Moshi Moshi Production parties are
tailored to specific themes: sometimes in correlation with convention themes and sometimes adding a signature mark.
I’ve attended events with themes from Star Wars to DC to 80’s cartoons and every party has a very fun vibe, appealing to audiences unfamiliar with the theme and even appealing to the most die hard fan of the genre.
Moshi’s detail oriented personality adds Easter eggs to each event: styling the parties with small nuances that die hard fans will notice. He even picks DJ’s and artists who can complete the package with the perfect party soundtrack.”

Matthew Senreich

Co-Creator - "Robot Chicken"

“Attending a Moshi Moshi productions event isn’t just like going to any ordinary party.
Moshi Moshi puts their attendees in the middle of a completely immersive experience unlike any other – whether it be the middle of a zombie apocalypse, an alien invasion or the 80’s. I love this extra effort and I’ve loved every one of the events they have put on.
Judging by the mix of happy celebrities and guests at their events – it looks like they love it too. I personally can’t wait to attend and experience more!”

Ming Chen

AMC's 'Comic Book Men'

“We have been working with Moshi for almost 5 years now and I must say that in this time we have built a strong and lasting business relationship. The events that Moshi produces are an amazing attribute to his hard work…
Moshi excels at promotions and bringing in more than our expected audience…”

Harris Rosen

President, Rosen Hotels and Resorts

“Moshi throws the best events for comic cons, Walking Dead parties and whatever kind of bash you’re looking to put on or attend!
I had the privilege of attending one of Moshi’s first parties back in 2008 and I had so much fun that we’ve been friends ever since. He’s even hosted the VIP party for Florida’s biggest Power Ranger Con known as RangerStop!
So if you want to throw a party with the best music, activities and of course the biggest turn out, you need Florida’s premiere Event Coordinator!
Look no further than Moshi Moshi Productions!”

Steve Cardenas

"Power Rangers"

“I’ve been to a LOT of comic conventions and fan expos, and the best parties are ALWAYS the ones thrown by Moshi Moshi Productions. Arkham Nights at MegaCon was a particular favorite.”

Mark Meer

Voice Actor

“There are parties and then there are Moshi Parties. I’ve attended outstanding events around the globe but nothing compares to what Moshi gets up to.
If you have a chance to go, Run, don’t walk…”

Aaron Douglas

Actor - "Battlestar Galactica"

“Moshi rocked the house at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, entertaining all of the VIPs with high-quality entertainment. The room was electric!”

Jordan Woods-Robinson

Actor - "The Walking Dead"

“Moshi produced the best and most unique event I have ever gone to!”

Dave Barclay

"Star Wars"

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